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2800 South Reserve Street

Missoula, MT 59801

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Website: http://davewestfall.withwre.com


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My wife and I, our two daughters and their families all call Missoula home!  We have spent most of our lives in the Rocky Mountains and are passionate about the outdoors and all that the "Treasure State" offers. From my early days working at Yellowstone National Park I always wanted to return to Montana and am happy to have realized that dream.  Most of my careers have involved buying, selling, managing and negotiation and all have provided me the opportunity to work with wonderful people.  From owning and operating a local retail business in Colorado to being a vice president for an international electronics company, I've had the pleasure of working with a diverse and wide spectrum of peoples from many different cultures and backgrounds.  I thrive on that interaction!  All of this has prepared me in a way that is unique to the Real Estate business that I think you'll find valuable.  I promise you professionalism, skill and diligence as your agent, and my absolute commitment to your buying or selling experience!

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, you’ve come to the right spot.   Whatever your real estate needs, I can help you reach your goals with confidence. While visiting my website, you can access the most current real estate data and search for homes throughout Western Montana.  And when the time is right, feel free to contact me so that I can put the power of Windermere to work for you.

Moving to Missoula?

Missoula is a beautiful and friendly mountain community nestled in the western Montana Rockies that offers a diverse selection of homes.  There's much to consider when relocating and I can be helpful in each step of the process. As your exclusive agent I can guide you to the one single property that is best for you.  Whether re-locating from inside the USA or Internationally I have the experience and knowledge necessary for helping you make that big move.

Community Involvement:

On September 7th I attended my first "Lewis and Clark Neighborhood Council" meeting. We heard from members of law enforcement, local Government and our public schools.  Subsequently, I was elected to the Neighborhood Council along with 5 other neighbors and later in October appointed Co-Chair. I look forward to attending the monthly Missoula City Council Neighborhood meetings and speaking on my neighbors behalf.  As my wife and I are new to the neighborhood it’s an exciting opportunity to contribute to this wonderful community and get to know our neighbors.

I am a member of the "Clark Fork Coalition" who works closely with private landowners, conservation partners and public agencies to rehabilitate degraded creeks and streams.  One of the greatest treasures of Montana are our rivers and streams. The health of our fish and water is critical to the long term health of our people, wildlife and our lands! 

My wife and I are also supporters of "Climate Smart" a local Missoula organization dedicated to intelligent, well thought out ways to decrease energy consumption and use science, technology and creative thinking to address Climate Change and reverse the adverse effects that humans have had on our Global Climate.

Missoula Food Bank is an essential part of the local communities goal of eliminating hunger in Missoula.  We both volunteer our time each Thursday to helping the Food Bank help those in need of food.  It's one of the most gratifying uses of our time.

Other Affiliations:

A member of the Missoula "City Club"

A member of the "Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce"