Kristina Wahlberg


Windermere Real Estate/Missoula

2800 South Reserve Street

Missoula, MT 59801

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Office: (406) 541-6550

Mobile: (406) 552-9962

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Website: http://wahlbergteam.com


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More than a real estate agent

I absolutely love my career as a real estate agent, however, that was not what I thought I would do when I was younger. Straight out of high school, I joined the United States Navy. I fought in Operation Enduring Freedom as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have been around the world 3 times while deployed. I have a deep devotion to my fellow veterans and pride myself in having a vast knowledge of the VA home buying process. The home buying process can be daunting and a VA home loan is sometimes more complicated. I work my hardest to educate all of my clients about the home buying process and what to expect along the way.

I have 3 girls ranging from age 9 to age 3. (2019) I love the ability to meet other families and guide them in the home buying process while discussing schools, locations, and amenities within the local community. I was born and raised in Missoula and am very proud to have 3 amazing girls that are Missoula natives as well.

My family is the number one reason I got out of the Navy. It was always extremely hard for me to be so far away from my family, so when my four year tenure was up, I drove back to Montana and started working as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. I attended the University of Montana while I worked on getting my real estate license. There was no one else I would have picked to work with than my mom (Judy) and my brother (Brint). They are not only the best mentors in this profession, they are also great sales people and have taught me everything I know about real estate sales.